Near Real-Time New Mover List / First to Contact New Mover Wins


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Research indicates up to 80% of new movers will buy from the first business that reaches out to them with a compelling offer. We receive twice daily data feeds from the nation’s premier compiler of new mover data. Our IP matching algorithm allows us to identify the new mover’s home IP address and begin serving digital ads in virtual real-time with the move. It is critical when marketing to new movers to contact them as soon as possible. New movers make most of their buying decisions within the first 10 to 90 days of moving. Our innovative new program allows you to reach them immediately and remain top of mind for the entire 90-day sales cycle. Even the most popular and fastest new mover lists contain data that is two to three weeks old by the time your direct mail piece hits the mailbox. Our new mover data comes directly from the source that provides this data to other list providers and we obtain the data twice daily so it is near real-time!

Serve Digital Ads To New Movers or Combine Digital Ads with Direct Mail

Getting you name in front of new movers first is critical and our patent pending digital technology allows us to serve digital ads directly to new mover’s home IP addresses before your competitors even know the new mover’s street address.

The strategy of serving digital ads to home IP addresses prior to the direct mail piece hitting the mailbox has proven to significantly increase response rates. The digital ads build awareness prior to the direct mail piece arriving and extend the life and success of the direct mail campaign.

Design & Implementation

As a full-service marketing company we provide all the creative design for both the direct mail piece and the digital ad.

Tracking, Reporting & ROI

We also provide tracking and reporting for every campaign in order to measure return on investment.

Highly Targeted & Cost Effective

Utilizing our near real-time new mover list to deliver digital ads to home wifi’s prior to the direct mail piece arriving is the most cost effective method for reaching these prospects prior to your competitors.

What Do New Movers Buy?

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Home Decorating – Carpet, flooring, rugs, curtains,  etc.
  • Utilities – Electric, gas, water, cable, phone, satellite
  • Medical – dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, doctors, etc.
  • Financial – banks, credit unions, etc.
  • Home security
  • Insurance – homeowners, renters, vehicle, etc.
  • Lawn & pool services

Proven Marketing Expertise

IFDA is a national leader known for providing our clients with the latest state-of-the-art marketing technology solutions.