Monthly Theme Oriented Online Sales Events From IFDA

Let us put together an online coordinated themed event each month! Themed events create excitement both for the customers and the sales staff.

Create, Target and Implement full theme oriented digital events every month on your website through eCirculars, PPC, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Advanced IP Matching, and the New Mover Program

Initial plan to include strategic creative themes such as:

  • “The Ultimate Floor Makeover Event”
  • “The Home for the Holidays Sale”
  • “Summer Sell Off!”
  • . . . And more!

We provide an in-depth outline to include analysis of each marketing application.

  • Provide an Outline of quarterly marketing plan summary
  • Strategic Creative consultation meeting to review plan
  • Provide quarterly marketing budgets and coordinated calendars in advance
  • Creation of banner ads, email ads, contextual ads and videos
  • Preliminary review of art files and approval of all ads
  • Preliminary script writing for video production for review
  • Production of Video with professional voice over
  • Creation of YouTube channel
  • Deployment of email campaigns
  • Selection and development of all contextual ads for PPC campaign
  • Implementation and management of PPC Events
  • The Preferred Customer Program email monthly deployment
  • Creation of monthly Social media ads
  • Management of Social media campaigns
  • All ads and videos are themed oriented

We Will Manage and Implement Online PPC and Social Media Marketing

  • Set up of PPC with chosen keywords and Phrases and geographic areas
  • Production of videos and upload to dashboard
  • Production and uploading of banner ads
  • Writing of textual ads
  • Manage monthly campaigns

Email Marketing to include Email ads sent to 50,000 homeowners within desired market

We also use email marketing with precision. We can send email ads or videos to homeowners, women, incomes of 60k or more- all right around your store. Do you have your website set up on google analytics? After we deploy your email- your analytics go off the charts! Between 1000 and 2000 visits to your website in a 4 day span. The retailers who use this swear by it.

  • Email theme based ad created into html format
  • Deploy 50,000 ads to client chosen criteria. Choose your criteria the same way you choose direct mail criteria. We recommend homeowners with incomes of 60k and up.
  • Hyperlink ad to

Video Production

Videos created with monthly sale themes customized for your store help with SEO and are great traffic driving tools. We will:

  • Provide you with monthly creative and script writing
  • professional voice over based on your current themed event
  • Professional Production of video
  • Creation of YouTube channel
  • We will provide your video for Placement each month on your website.
  • Deployment of video through email

Banner ad Creative

We will develop 9 different themed digital banner ads each month.
These ads will be uploaded to Google for PPC marketing and can also used with
Advanced IP Tracking and Address Matching and placement on your website.