Digital Reach

Select the best digital channels and ad types to reach your audience. Segment, target, and personalize your ads to reach your primary demographic. Coordinate your ads across channels and devices. Optimize and measure the effectiveness of your ads. Ifda can create digital marketing strategies built to drive store traffic.

How do you create digital ads that are engaging to your audience? Those are the exact questions ifda will answer for you. 64% of people say they’ve been influenced to buy something by watching a video online. 52% of buying decisions can be traced back to Facebook. Digital advertising promotes your business through publishing promotional content through platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, search engines, websites, and any other program that can be accessed digitally. People spend the majority of their time on the Internet, so digital advertising helps you take your business directly to where your audience is.

Google ads

When searching for something on Google a few search results with the tag ‘Ad’ appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These ads are the result of search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is arguably the most commonly used ad format. In SEM, you bid on keywords along with your competitors to appear at the top of the page.

SEM ads are bought through Pay per click delivery. Another effect SEM option is Remarketing. Remarketing RECAPTURES the interest of potential customers who have already expressed interest in Flooring by visiting your website. We tag each of your website visitors computer with a cookie and follow them around on the internet within the Google AdSense network (90% of commercial websites) with a targeted campaign which consists of 8 different banner ads. We set regional parameters so only visitors within your area are marketed to.

According to Google itself, there are 3.5 billion searches made by users per day. 92% of these users will pick businesses found on the first SERP. 34% of local searches with the “near me” keyword result in users visiting the actual store. When done effectively, digital marketing integrates your target customer’s user experience guiding them back to your own site and business. Digital ads can be personalized to maximize relevance to your target customer. This, in turn, maximizes conversion rates. And because it’s digital, you can track virtually every step your customer makes in relation to your ad.

Pre Roll

A pre-roll ad is a promotional video which appears before a video that the user has selected to play. A post-roll ad, on the other hand, is also a promotional video that appears after the video has finished. There’s also mid-roll ad which appears during when the video content is playing. Ifda successfully uses pre roll video’s to ensure your demographic is reached and compelled to buy at your store. Pre-roll might be likened to the previews you see before a movie. You can also target your ads towards key demographics. You can target people who show interest in Home Improvement or specifically, flooring. This will boost your relevancy and expand your audience, helping you to achieve a higher rate of engagement and more visits to your website or even better, your brick & mortar store.


Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. 90% of social media users are on Facebook –– which is significantly higher than the other platforms. One thing you can rest assured on, is that our demographic is glued to Facebook, and ifda has the know how to reach them with engaging content designed to drive traffic to your store or website, depending on the type of facebook campaign we are running. Facebook is continually expanding in ways to target your audience, from single image ads, video ads, carousel, or collection; we can target based on awareness, interest, consideration and event. Contact us today to help you get started cornering potential buyers on Facebook.

Comprehensive Responsive Websites For Flooring Retailers

First impressions can either make or break a sale. With many potential customers searching online for flooring, it is essential that your business conveys a professional image online. A well designed website speaks volumes about the quality of service and products that customers can expect from your flooring business.

With IFDA, we build a fully customized website. We have relationships with the manufacturers you do business with, so we have all the graphics, logos and copy points at our finger tips.

You get EVERYTHING listed below with our program.

  • Professionally designed responsive website with your company’s information
  • Generate leads and sales you are currently missing
  • Latest Flooring content and products on your site
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization
  • 24/7 access to Website analytics**
  • Easy access to your IFDA account representative for quick maintenance***
  • In depth Google places listing
  • 10 customized email addresses
  • Flooring calculator
  • Contact Form/Estimate Request form
  • On sale/Promotions page
  • Monthly creation of an AD for your on sale page
  • In depth product tutorials

Website Analytics

samples_analyticsIFDA utilizes analytics to monitor SEO rankings and website visitor behavior trends for our website customers. Ongoing website analytics provide measurable results that arm your flooring business with key information about your target market. Based on findings, content and design adjustments can be made as needed to ensure that your flooring store website continues to perform at an optimal level over the long-term.

Monthly Responsive Website Maintenance

Our program is turnkey! We do it ALL. You don’t have to learn to maintain your site through complicated portals or dashboards. One phone call and your request is normally taken care of within 12 hours.

Digital Direct Mail

New Patent Pending Technology Matches IP Address to Street Address

Combines Offline and Online Data

Patent Pending Technology Accurately Maps IP Address To Physical Address Allowing You To Combine Digital Ads With Direct Mail Campaigns

Increases Response Rates

Delivering Digital Ads Before and After The Direct Mail Piece Hits Significantly Increases Response Rates

Flexible Ad Delivery Management

Select The Exact Day, Time And Frequency Of Digital Ad Delivery

IP Address + Street Address = Better Targeting

IP Targeting = 100% Targeted Ad Delivery


Driving Offline Data Online

This unique geo-location technology produces a highly accurate customer profile which allows our clients to place advertisements directly on an individual computer by utilizing ONLY that individuals home/business address.


Our Technology

Our patent-pending technology doesn’t use cookies or census block geo-location. We have developed a proprietary technology that maps IP Addresses to physical addresses.


Reaching your base, privacy safe

Our goal is to allow advertisers to reach their intended online customer base for pennies on the dollar with surgical accuracy – and at the exact time of their choosing. This is done in a privacy-sensitive manner, by assigning a unique privacy ID



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