Email Advertising and Marketing Program

How do we cost effectively get our advertising message to consumers that use the Internet and email as their main channels of communication and information gathering?

The newest technology is now available to you!

Email marketing has taken off and your business has the opportunity to go one on one with your customer through an email message delivered right to his or her inbox. Send your electronic message or ad via email to 50,000+ potential customers in your market area. All emailed customers are opt in, i.e., they have selected an option on a related website to receive promotional updates.

You can send us an ad or we will create one for you, or your produced video, select one of our library at no extra cost, or for an additional charge we can produce a custom video spot for your business.

All email ads provide a link to your website home or promotional page. We will also provide you with a tracking report that shows emails opened and click-throughs to your website.

This is a tremendous opportunity to reach your customer demographic at an extremely low cost. We all are aware that newspapers have declining subscriptions and readership. We also know that more and more people are receiving their news from the Internet.

It’s easy to get started and even easier to maintain because it is turnkey. We do it all for you!

People remember:

  • 10% of what they read
  • 20% of what they hear
  • 30% of what they see
  • And 50% of what they see and hear together

There are over 700 million Internet users who send over 30 billion emails per day. The Internet has already surpassed TV, newspapers and magazines in reach.

Consumers check their email 13.1 times per week. Second only to brushing their teeth. (14.5 times per week)   According to Morgan Stanley Research Group to reach 30% of U.S. households it took:

  • The Telephone 38 Years
  • The TV 17 Years
  • The Internet Only 7 Years

Does email marketing boost sales?

“68% of the respondents said they have made purchases online after receiving email.” (DoubleClick)

“…a discount was the most compelling motivational factor for making an immediate purchase after clicking on an email (70%)” (DoubleClick)

Should I send Video Emails to my existing customers?

The odds of selling a product to a new customer are 15%, whereas the odds of selling a product to an existing customer are 50%. (Bain and Co.)

“Acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more than retaining one.” (eMarketer)

Repeat customers spend 67% more. (Bain and Co.)

Sign up today! For just over a penny a piece, what are you waiting for? Choose your demographic criteria much like standard direct mail. We recommend homeowners, women, 35-64, incomes of 60k annually.

If you have advertised with direct mail, you will grasp email marketing quickly. You choose your criteria in much the same way. You choose females, home owners, incomes of 60k or more within a radius of your store or by specific zip code. We own a national database of opt in email addresses. Ifda has the most affordable email marketing program period. The ad or video will link to your website. We provide a statistics report after the blast detailing the number of recipients who opened and viewed the ad, and the number of people who clicked through to your website. On average, we experience about 3000 opens and 300 click-throughs. Email marketing has become so popular, we started another business called Video Business Mail. We have many other industries now taking advantage of this affordable type of advertising.

Preferred Customer Program

The preferred customer program is designed to encourage your prospective customers to give their email addresses by signing up for a chance to win a trip each month. While we handle the creative and deployment of a monthly newsletter, and we reward a monthly vacation on your behalf, your email addresses are stored in a workable database!

It’s no secret that building, cultivating and marketing to your own e‐mail list is the most inexpensive and cost effective way to market your business. And today, it’s not just a good idea, but an essential part of any retail business. If you’re like many, you know it’s a good idea and you’ve had the intention of doing it…you just haven’t had the time or just put it on the “back burner”. That’s exactly why IFDA has developed an inexpensive program that will not only build and cultivate your own e‐mail list, but will manage it for you and make it pay dividends.

How It Works

The first step is to invite your customers to register for the program by incentivizing them to freely give you their information (they likely won’t do this unless there is an incentive). This program invites your customer to become one of your store’s “Preferred Customers”. They will receive “free” benefits such as special financing on their purchases, prior notification of Sale events, special “Preferred Customer” only private sales, etc. They also will have the opportunity to register for a monthly drawing for a complimentary 3 day / 2 night Bahamas Cruise vacation that will be awarded every month to one of your customers that will be provided by IFDA as part of the package.

IFDA then designs a custom, web‐based landing page with your logo, message and a short registration form for your customers to submit their information and register to win. This page is the portal where the collection process begins.

This portal or “landing page” is where all of your advertising should be directed and should always be used by you or your staff inside and outside of the store on any terminal that’s connected to the internet. Simply ask your customer if they’d like to register to win the grand prize and capture their information.

Once your customer is registered, IFDA captures their information and sends a customized automated response thanking them for their visit, in addition to any other relevant information you’d like them to have.

Now that their information has been collected, IFDA will create and manage the database along with automatically sending by email a customized monthly newsletter/promotional message to your customer. This email will include the announcement of the winner of the grand prize, in addition to your promotional message (video or html advertisement).

With IFDA’s revolutionary customer relationship management program, we’ll ensure that all your e‐mails are CAN SPAM compliant and that your e‐mail list is maintained, appended and updated automatically.

This is YOUR list database, it will be stored on a secure server on site in our offices, and all information is confidential. IFDA maintains and manages it and assists you to garner the most benefit from it. It will not be used for any purpose other than yours.

Email Address Management Program Benefits

*An attractive full color custom 24”x 36” poster with your logo that will invite your customer to register for your “Preferred Customer Program” and an opportunity to win a 3 day 2 night Bahamas Cruise or other prize

*A custom designed Internet based Website portal registration page for example go to

*An automated response sent immediately via email to your customer acknowledging their registration, their entry in prize promotion, and thanking them for visiting your store

*Collection of customer email addresses