Email Advertising and Marketing Program

How do we cost effectively get our advertising message to consumers that use the Internet and email as their main channels of communication and information gathering?

This technology is now available to you!

Email marketing has taken off and your business has the opportunity to go one on one with your customer through an email message delivered right to his or her inbox. Send your electronic message or ad via email to 50,000+ potential customers in your market area. All emailed customers are opt in, i.e., they have selected an option on a related website to receive promotional updates. You can send us an ad or we will create one for you. All email ads provide a link to your website home or promotional page. We will also provide you with a tracking report that shows emails opened and click-throughs to your website. This is a tremendous opportunity to reach your customer demographic at an extremely low cost. It’s easy to get started and even easier to maintain because it is turnkey. We do it all for you!

Does email marketing boost sales? “68% of the respondents said they have made purchases online after receiving email.” (DoubleClick) “…a discount was the most compelling motivational factor for making an immediate purchase after clicking on an email (70%)” (DoubleClick)